Event Organizer / Greater Columbus Family Mother's Day 5K Run/Walk

Race / Event Organizer: Phoenix Events, LLC

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Columbus Mother’s Day 5K Run/Walk

We are planning the 4th Annual, Family Mother’s Day Run, a 5K Run/Walk in Central Ohio. This event will be held on Mother’s Day Morning, May 8, 2016. The plan is for the 5K event to start/finish on Lamplighter Drive in Grove City, Ohio, with an 8:00am start. We will use the exact course set up that we used for the 2015 Mother’s Day 5K Event and the 2015 Thanksgiving Wattle. This is a slightly rolling course that uses both sides of the majestic Buckeye Parkway in Grove City.

Last year, we had over 500 entries and this year we are trying to more than double that. We hope you can help us get the word out. This could be a great tradition to do with your family and friends on each Mother’s Day Morning. Our thinking is that this could be something unique to honor mothers on Mother’s Day. It’s an event where everyone can join in and with or in honor of her. Mount Carmel Health Systems has agreed to be our presenting sponsor. Two charities will benefit from this Event, KidSMILES and Mount Carmel Women’s Health Fund.

In terms of benefits, we will have a chip timed race, start/finish area music, unisex cut techno-shirts, music on the course, finish area refreshments, and more. Finally, we will need volunteers for event day and we hope we can rely on those from the community who are not participating in the event to step up and help out. There is a volunteer page for signing up. There is also a page to send out emails to your friends to promote the event.

Thank you,
Mark Sigrist
Phoenix Events, LLC

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Questions with the Event Organizer, Phoenix Events, LLC member, Mark Sigrist:
Why organize these events?

I would like to think that we all have some kind of thing we are interested in, that we truly enjoy doing and probably could charge for, but could never make a living. I have an interest in health for sure, and also in helping charities. I turned 50 a few years back and wanted to do something really cool, something I hadn’t done before, but I believed in. I set down a path of organizing my first ever 5K. It was held on Thanksgiving morning in 2012. I know there are people out there who will use these milestones to train for, to lose weight, quit smoking, etc. For just those handful of people who we can help do this, it makes it totally worth the work..

Who is on your Phoenix Events, LLC team?

At the core, it’s my friend Baskar and my wife Melissa. We probably put the most hours in it. Baskar is a very talented web-developer. He started working with me back in the Fall of 2011, when we started planning for the 2012 Thanksgiving Wattle, our First Event. He and his wife Thavamani and their family have become cherished friends of our family in this short time. Melissa is involved with helping me a lot and soon will launch a Travel part of our business where she will organize travel tours. We have also some faithful core volunteers of family and friends that help us the weeks leading up to the event and on the day of the event. Without their help and encouragement, we could not do this. We also involve local musical talent, the boy scouts, student athletes, Grove City High Student Council and others in providing needed services at the Event. Along the way, many people have given us ideas that one way or another we have incorporated into our event.

Why the name Phoenix Events, LLC?

In Greek mythology, it is a unique bird that lived for five or six centuries in the Arabian Desert, after this time burning itself on a funeral pyre and rising from the ashes with renewed youth to live through another cycle. I kind of felt that at age 50 I wanted to do something like that. My mom had died at 58 and Steve Jobs had just died at 56 so I wasn’t taking any chances to delay starting. Also, my wife Melissa is interested in leading travel tours eventually with interested customers from our customer base and the name kind of fit for her wanting to re-invent herself too.

Why do you think corporate sponsors get involved?

I would like to think they get involved to expose their name for sure, but also to show the community they like to subsidize these kind of events. Because of their benevolence, we clearly have the lowest prices for our events “apples to apples” compared to any like event in Central Ohio. Sponsors know these events bring the community together on a broader level, a shared purpose if you will. The event is a kind of a plus then for people to experience nearby where they live. Family, community, charities, and health, these are some things that are important in life. Some values that they want to show they believe in. Without these sponsors, I think the events would be probably $10-$15 more per person.

Why are 5K’s so popular?

Not totally sure, many reasons. I think the distance (3.1 miles) is a very inclusive distance for the average healthy person. On the other hand for real serious runners, it’s a bit lean, but they may do it as a run to encourage one of their friends to try running and they can support then. The ability to walk or even run a 5k is not something everyone can do, and for many with below average health, it can be quite an achievement to just walk it. I think a lot of people do it for a purpose, to celebrate something they believe in, someone they care about, or just to go out and have fun with family and friends.

What is your biggest thrill on Event Day?

There are many for sure. I definitely get a charge out of watching the Central Crossing Color Guard and listening to Holly Branham belt out our National Anthem before the gun start. I also get joy out of the growing number of high school kids who are not only joining the event, but many others are using their talents behind the scenes to volunteer and make it better. I think watching people’s smiles and encouraging others in a kind of celebration of family, life, health and community is special. I just like that people are coming to a one hour party that we, together with our faithful volunteers, have put thousands of hours into preparing. We don’t know many of them, but we get this feeling they are coming to celebrate their own personal agenda and feeling good about it.