Lucky Guy / Greater Columbus Family Mother's Day 5K Run/Walk

2015 Lucky Guy (Mark Hayes!)

Finally won the lottery...

Letter from Mark: I guess I am a lucky man. Finally won the lottery. The chance to be first in my age and gender group, nice. I am also lucky to still have my 84 yr old mother alive and well, and a wonderful wife that has put up with all my "stuff" for over 3 decades. I look forward to walking with everyone. Have fun all.

Note from Diana, loyal wife to Mark Hayes, 2015 Lucky Guy Winner:

My husband is a man of a few words, but he laughed hard when he found out he was the “Lucky Guy”. This year has not been a lucky year for him with several surgeries sidelining his running, so the irony of being chosen was not lost. My husband runs with me, mostly at my pace because he is a much more experienced runner, and as a result does not place as well as he could in races. On Sunday it will be my honor to walk with him at his pace – because right now he’s only allowed to walk. This will not be the last time I sign my husband up to be chosen to be the Lucky Guy – whether he’s running or walking, it will be cool to have him join us.

Note from Mark Sigrist, Event Director:

These words above, although few, say a lot. So many of us enjoy these events and truly cherish them while we can. There will come a time, where these will be in the past for all of us. I know I struggled yesterday to complete the Half Marathon in Columbus, but I did. I will not be mentioning my time. It is a far far time away from what it used to take for me. Father Time has a way of humbling us all and I think Mark and Diana's note above prove that out. Thank you Mark and Diana for providing a testament of your commitment to each other (and your mother).


Help us in our goal to raise over $9000 this year for KidSMILES charity via this event. To build excitement in the giving process, we are working with Central Ohio Merchants and targeting to give out over $1000 in door prizes, ranging from $10-$100 value/entrant. Each 5K entrant receives a chance in the drawing for each $10 donated. Please consider donating in the Donation area or the Lucky Guy Area of the Registration Process and you will be entered to win based on your donation amount. 100% of all donations will go to KidSMILES Charities

We will once again have a lottery where ONE LUCKY GUY winner will get to run/walk with the ladies.

Yes, one "Lucky Guy” gets to run in this all ladies event. Each registrant who donates $10 or more to KidSMILES during the registration process will get to nominate their Lucky Guy. One chance per $10 donation to enter the lottery. Ages 10 and older are eligible. 100% of all lottery proceeds will go to the KidSMILES Dental Clinic charity.

The lottery is open to males only and will run from March 1st to April 25th. The lucky winner will be notified by email or phone by April 26th or April 27th. If your nominee is selected, he will be able to run in the Ladies Only 5K wearing the One Lucky Guy Bib Number. PLUS he will be recognized at the start as our special guest. Of course he will win the Male division and have a chance to set a new men’s record in the process. Additional prizes will be announced later.

Lottery Registration: One chance = $10. To enter the lottery, simply register, make a minimum $10 donation in the “specially-designated Lucky Guy Contest Section” and nominate your guy for this contest. You will receive one chance for your nominee for each $10 donation.

2014 Lucky Guy (Stephen Metz!)

In fact, I am THE lucky guy.

Hello ladies! I’m Stephen and I am one lucky guy. In fact, I am THE lucky guy. I’m very excited to be the one, lone, single guy that has the privilege to run with all of you this year. I wish that I could say that it was the result of lots of hard work and schmoozing. Alas, it’s not. This honorable privilege was the result of responding to my wife, as she was signing herself up for the run, with a brief, but audible, “yeah, sure”, when asked if I wanted to be entered in the Lucky Guy contest. Had it been the typical inaudible grunt, who knows where I would be on Mother’s Day morning.

I am really excited to be able to be a part of this year’s run. I am an avid runner and have participated in both of the Thanksgiving Wattle runs. The events are very well organized and support great charities. The local sponsorship is also very impressive. KidSMILES is a great cause and we should all be proud to be supporting it.

A So ladies, let’s all begin Mother’s Day by being healthy and enjoying what will be the best Mother’s Day run in Columbus this year. I look forward to joining all of you for the fun. I am also excited that this will be the first, and probably only, time that I have a chance to win my gender division. Imagine my excitement when I cross the finish line knowing that I am the fastest male on the course.

To all you Moms, enjoy your day. After the run, kick up your feet with your favorite drink and enjoy the well-deserved “thank you’s” and love. Happy Mother’s Day!!

2013 Lucky Guy (Cameron Houk!)

Stop by and say hi! I’ll be that one guy!

Hi, my name is Cameron Houk! In my long life of 21 years, I have had the opportunity to enter many raffles, most very unsuccessful. But once in a few blue moons, my bad fortune takes a turn for the better. My mom, Christine, called me a couple months ago. She was beaming with excitement telling me about a Mother’s Day 5K that she had convinced both my grandma, Ruth Burns “G,” and my sister, Alyson, to run.

But wait there’s more. Mom also informed me that she entered me to be the “ONE LUCKY GUY!,” which I joked off and figured my bad luck would strike again. Knowing that I was going to be away at Notre Dame for the summer, Mom wanted to keep me in her paws for as much of Mother’s Day weekend as possible. I reassured her that I would come home for free meals, laundry service, and yard cleanup (yes, I do follow through on chores, even if only to gain my first two objectives). The entry became a non-issue and we moved forward.

A few days ago, I received a call from Mark Sigrist, the head honcho of the Greater Columbus Family Mother's Day 5k, informing me that the “Ladies Only” 5k would in fact be the “Mostly Ladies” 5k, and I would be the sole male runner. My mind starting reeling with all the perks of being the only male runner in the race. I would set the male course record. I would finish first in my gender division. All of the other runners are female. I would be able to be with my family on race day. I could finally be a celebrity, of sorts. Only then did a few things occur to me. I am out-of-shape and need to hit the gym ASAP. I really only run when I am over-competitive or if I am being chased. I would finish last in my gender division. All of the other runners are female, AKA hit the gym. Last but not least, I would probably stick out a bit maybe and should probably hit the gym.

Despite all this, I would like to say that I am very excited to honor all the mothers (past, present, and future) in Columbus. My mother has never stopped giving of herself to make sure that I am awarded the greatest opportunities in life. She is a tremendously loving person, even if in my case that love is tough, gritty, sarcastic, push-me-along love. Even if I only feint listening to her advice and words of wisdom, I know that I will always turn to her for support. From the sidelines of sporting events to graduations, from academic achievements to my greatest mistakes, my mom has always been there and she always will be. She is my best friend and my role model, and I am who I am today because of her!

So here I come, ladies of the Ladies Only Mother’s Day 5k! Stop by and say hi! I’ll be that one guy! Now back to warming up for the race! GET EXCITED!!!! And GO IRISH!